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1994 BMW E34 M5 Touring Euro 3.8 Liter (340HP) 5 speed
For Sale US $SOLD
Individual / special order Color, Madeiraschwarz- Metallic / Black Nappa Leather
1 of 2 M5 Touring individual colors produced in 1994 for the European market, only one in the US with this color combination.
Legally Imported to the US in 2008 and DOT/EPA Certified, Registered in California
only 891 M5 Touring Models were produced for European market
between 1992-1995, Extremely Rare in the US


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Contact info

Phone:(949) 254-3923

This European Model 1994 E34 M5 3.8 Touring was legally imported to the US in 2008 and DOT/EPA certified, It has been registered in CA since. It was my long term Restoration project and has been halted due to some Personal reasons. I am consolidating and selling few of my cars...I have completed most of the Mechanical Repairs and upgrades...Paint can use some rejuvenation, Leather Interior is in perfect original condition given the age of the car and is smooth and soft.. The car was individual / Custom ordered in this color and only 5 were produced out of the 891 E34 M5 Touring produced for the European Market....

01-30-14 Update:
Conducted a Cold Compression Check per prospective Buyer Request, All cylinders we just over 200PSI

Following Repairs and upgrades performed within the last 2000 km /past 5 years:
- all NEW front Suspension parts (control arms, Tie Rods, bushings etc.)
- NEW A/C condenser
- NEW Rod Bearings
- NEW A/C condenser
- NEW A/C condenser Fan
- NEW Fan Clutch and Blade
- 1995 Model updated Door Panels with integrated wood Trim, Leather Door Handles and centers
- NEW Fuel Pump
- 64k Mile DOT Replacement Transmission
- NEW Clutch, Pressure Plate and T/O Bearing
- E36 M3 Sport Steering with Motorsport Color Stitching
- NEW BOSCH Y6DC Spark Plugs (01-30-2014)

Most People are unfamiliar with these Euro Spec M cars and speculates lot of theories / stories... My friend and I own (10) Euro Model M5 3.8 Sedans (8) and Touring (2), we are quite familiar with these cars and do all the  maintenance service / updates.

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